Lessons from The Penguin Lessons

“The Penguin Lessons” took me back fifteen years – back to a time when I still struggled to put a book down in order to do anything else in life. In my humble opinion, this book is perfection. Then again, I’m easily swayed by the promise of penguins. In all honesty, I only got this book […]

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On wildly outdated dog books

“You must really love dogs, if you read a whole book about them for fun,” the train passenger next to me said while pointing at my book. I had never thought about it like that. I mean, who would not want to read books about dogs? In any case, my bookshelf is overflowing with those […]

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Being a dog is having a good nose

Sniff sniff. Can I smell the city air? Since reading “Being a Dog” by Dr Alexandra Horowitz, I regularly catch myself attempting nostril gymnastics to catch a whiff of my surroundings. My attempts have been rather unsuccessful. Early in the book, Horowitz explains that most people would answer the question “What have you smelled today?” […]

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Days in Copenhagen (V/GF)

Not too long ago, I lived in Copenhagen for a while. I like to think that I was there before the entire world started talking about how it is the best place on Earth and that everyone needs to take a weekend trip there – you know, I lived there at the time when I […]

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Tales of tickling, part 2

Today’s post continues the discussion if dogs are ticklish and how they might show it. Expecting a reaction like laughing is, of course, a severe case of anthropomorphism, meaning that you attribute human characteristics and feelings to an animal. However, if there is an evolutionary component to tickling, it remains worthwhile to investigate if and how […]

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